Angel In The Pine

by Mike McClanahan and Chad Winch

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released May 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Mike McClanahan Park Hills, Missouri

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Track Name: The Flood
Hallelujah for the holy
Opened up my sinner heart
And let the devil waltz right in
So I've traveled all these years
Searching for a glimpse of you in her
I'm too drunk to care

You're just three states away
But nothing's ever changed
And the view's always the same
Though we're drowning in the flood
All I know I found in you
And I'm shaking in my shoes

My head is full of song
I hear another melody
She echoes in my ears
We lost our families in the flood
Though the water's gone for now
It rushes right back in

I've been staring at the sun
You're still a beacon in the blinding light
I'm too drunk to care
Track Name: Ryan Adams (by Chad Winch/Mike McClanahan) v2 full band
I wanna be your Ryan Adams
Been so patient with the change
Just to revel in my echo
We’ve already lost so many days

Oh dear Chicago
Why won’t you ever pick me up?
You call me late at night.
Out there in the Chelsea Nights

So I got a blue jean jacket
And some old dusty, worn out shirts
I broke out Mom’s old records
And focused on the words

Oh dear Chicago
Why won’t you ever pick me up?
I got lightning in a bottle
Out here in the Chelsea Nights
Track Name: My Oldest Friend
Virginia, Virginia
I can't love you anymore
My head's like a diamond
Eyes burning red
If I wanna get to heaven
I gotta put you to bed
Goodbye, my friend goodbye

If I don't start living'
I'm not at my best
But the thought of not drinking'
Is like a knife in my chest
If I wanna get to heaven
I gotta put you to rest
Goodbye, my friend goodbye

There's nothing I hate more
Than tearful goodbyes
It's taken forever
There's so much on my mind
If I don't get it together
They'll lock me away
Goodbye, my friend goodbye

Daisy, Oh Daisy
Nothing better than us
Me in that phone booth
And you in that dress
I got the whole world ahead of me
Now that you're gone
Goodbye for now. Goodbye

Mama, Oh mama
Gonna make you so proud
My future is so bright
My past is so loud
My legs are so heavy
From always running with the crowd
Goodbye. For now goodbye.

Missouri. Missouri
I've known you for years
It hangs in my throat
And rings in my ears
I'm wanting' to cry now
But it's bringing' me down
Goodbye. My friend goodbye.